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Monday, 26 July 2010

Villa Hotel Segamat

P/S: Please take note that this is from my personal point of view... Different people definitely will have different view + experiences from me...Plus this is for my blog purposes only.. holiday...hehe...
actually, chang-chang  & I
did planned to spend our holiday at JB..
however..hmm..end of the story..
we have decided to spend our holiday at Segamat...

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 It's been a long time since I have been to Segamat...
i did my diploma in UiTM Segamat..
so...3 years in Segamat...hehe...
everything explored already.. ya lor..
segamat is a small town only..ahaks..
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so..basically our accomodation is at Hotel Villa..
it is located behind Mc Donald in Segamat town..
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 Pic credited to chang-chang canon 1000d

Previously...ages ago I guess..
the hotel rate is RM68 per nite..
it is considered as cheap rate hotel but
staying wise not so bad lorr.. (previously la)..
even my family always stayed here
when they want to send me back to Segamat
or pick me up for semester break..ngee..

Frankly, I do felt that the hotel is fully occupied only
during semester registration..haha..
so mean...oopss..'s 2010 now..
so cannot expect the price is still the same like 8 years ago...
even the sugar price also has hiked..haha...
wow..time really flies huh...

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 Currently, the price rate for room has increased
to RM85(minimum price) inclusive with 2 breakfast..
this is for standard room...
i forgot to take note on other room price
as the receptionist welcomed us
with a sour smile at all..
i do wonder is it true that Malaysians are friendly???

This is the deposit receipt..Haha.. No offense.. but
they still use manual..handwriting k..ekekekek..
so ol skool...

 this is the breakfast coupon..previously x bfast provided..
fyi, concorde hotel s.a did not give any coupon bfast now..
all u need is just mention ur room number to their staff.. contra huh..

ok..the moment of truth..
this is our room...teng teng teng teng...

so far ok lor..
i mean the key looks normal to us
despite the receptionist "asam kecut" aka sour face..haha..

Clockwise : the door with ol skool aircond, open wardrobe (haha, i knew),
dressing table & tv set..
xtra note:
1) the aircond are not adjustable..hehe..
"automatic", though we have tried so hard to lower down e temperature..
it is still e same..haha..
2) The channel available is only TV3..
others is only blank or not huh..

Sorry... i captured the bed image next morning..
so it has been crumpled here & there..

Bathroom overview.. :)

Haha..this is the toiletries given to us..
ok la kot, but still..
we went to billion afterwards..
bought our own shower foam & shampoo..haha..

Lighting wise..huhu..
so bad... can u imagine..this room only have 4 lights..
1 at e entrance, 1 in e bathroom &
2 yellow dimmed lite (at the dressing table & above our bed)...

mind u that there are only 2 switches..
and it have been used for e lite at dressing table & TV..

so basically, we have to plug out the dressing table lamp
in order to charge our cell phone..
n it makes our room darker...haha..
next time we need to bring our own extension la to any hotel..
just in case...

 the only interior that they have.. : )

 room service is available too..

 Parking space...

Segamat town from our view...

 this is the check out invoice...
right hand side is invoice from Bluewave Hotel S.Alam..
u can compare it urself..
Villa VS Bluewave...
ok..ok.. i knew it's x fair as what can I expect rite..
the price for Villa Hotel is RM85 per nite
while it cost RM250 above at Bluewave..hehe.. sum up..

Service : 3/10 (tnx to the receptionist gurl)
Comfort : 4/10 (ok la as i can sleep that nite, well the lighting is the main contribution i guess,haha)
 Location : 10/10 as it's located in the middle of Segamat town..
got Mc D, Billion Supermarket nearby plus the famous Segamat burger stall..

Food : Not sure coz we skipped the bfast,
sleepy plus we x expect better sleep :)

 Will we come back again?
hmm..tough q'n..
let the times decide then :)

P/S: The best part of Segamat is the nite market on Saturday..
the food is indeed cheap & tasty... (sorry, x pic coz too excited to eat, hehe)
plus.. we can borong kain for eid at Segamat..
the price is reasonable too..

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  1. The best part is definitely the pasar malam until cannot walk or talk...hahaha..thank you so much..chang2...;)
    insyallah...we can do this again..amin..